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American Political Science Association New England Political Science Association
American Society for Public Administration Pacific Northwest Political Science Association
Association for Politics and the Life Sciences Phi Alpha Delta (Pre Law)
Canadian Political Science Association Pi Sigma Alpha (Political Science)
I.C.P.S.R. Home Page Political Science Conferences
International Studies Association Political Science Departments
Law and Society Association Southern Political Science Association
Midwest Political Science Association Southwest Social Science Association

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African Studies FindLaw Presidential Libraries
American National Election Studies Gallup Organization Roper Center
American Presidency Project Harris International Russian / East.European
Asian & the Pacific Studies Hieros Gamos (Law) State Line . Org
Comparative Participation International Political Economy State and Local Resources
Congressional Bios Judicial Bios Thomas (Congress.Gov)
Crime Statistics Latin American Studies Western Europe
U.S. Courts of Appeals Political Methodology American Women / Politics
U.S. Supreme Court U.S. Presidents Zogby International
Eastern Europe   Suggestions?



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1979 (productivity) 1998 (publication quality) 2007 (placement)
1994 (top journal) 2001 (top 5 journals) 2010 Research
1998 (reputation) 2002 (global rankings) 2010 Scholars' View
1998 (productivity)   Suggestions?

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Amazon.Com Nation Master.Com Project Vote Smart
Atlas of Presidential Elections National Political Index P.S.Research-Teaching Disc.List
Constitutions, Treaties, Etc. National Science Foundation P.S.Resource Page
"Firing Line" Debates Open Secrets P.B.S.
Follow The Money PCL Map Collection Soc.Sci.Data on the Internet
Founders Constitution Political Forecasting Teaching Political Science
Harper's Index Political Philosophy - Online Texts Suggestions?
Historical Atlas Political Resources On-Line  
U.S.Historical Documents Political Web Images (Free!)  

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Google (adv.)

Google (scholar)



Google (books) HotBot



Google (images)


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American Journal of Political Science International Studies Quarterly Public Opinion Quarterly
American Political Science Review Journal of Irreproducible Results Publius: The Journal of Federalism
American Politics Research Journal of Politics Quarterly Journal of Political Science
British Journal of Political Science Law and Society Review Review of International Studies
Canadian Journal of Political Science Legislative Studies Quarterly Review of Politics
Comparative Politics Political Psychology Social Science Quarterly
Congress and the Presidency Political Science Quarterly White House Studies
Critical Review Polity Women, Politics and Policy
Electoral Studies Presidential Studies Quarterly World Politics
Foreign Affairs PS : Political Science World Politics Review
International Organization Public Administration Review Suggestions?
International Security  

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Blackwell C.Q. Press Oxford Praeger
Cambridge Nelson Greenwood Princeton
Cengage/Wadsworth McGraw Hill Pearson Sage
Chatham House W.W. Norton Politicos Wiley

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BBC The Hill New York Times
Boston Globe Lexis Nexis The Onion
CBC Newsworld Los Angeles Times Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Chicago Tribune Miami Herald Reuters
Christian Science Monitor MSNBC USA Today
CNN - All Politics National Public Radio Washington Post
Drudge Report Newshour Washington Times
FOX News News Max World Net Daily

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DAILY  /  ARCHIVED  COMMENTARY stones2.gif (3588 bytes)

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L. Brent Bozell

Maureen Dowd Michelle Malkin Debra Saunders

David Brooks

FOX News New York Times Thomas Sowell
Pat Buchanan

Ellen Goodman

Bill O'Reilly Washington Post

Chicago Tribune

David Horowitz Camille Paglia Washington Times


L.A. Times Dennis Prager George Will

Mona Charen

"Libertarians"  Lew Rockwel Walter Williams
Ann Coulter

Rush Limbaugh

Frank Rich Byron York
  Rich Lowry   Suggestions?




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Becker-Posner The Intercept Raw Story
Concurring Opinions (Law) Lawyers, Guns and Money Real Clear Politics
The Corner (National Review) The Monkey Cage Redstate
Daily Kos Outside the Beltway The Resurgent
Getaway Pundit Pardon Power SCOTUS (Supreme Court)
Gin and Tacos The Politico Talking Points Memo
Harangue.Org Polls and Votes Wizbang
Huffington Post Polster.Com WSJ LawBlog
Instapundit Power Line Suggestions?

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American Enterprise Inst Claremont Institute Mother Jones The Public Agenda
American Spectator Common Cause The Nation Reason Online
Atlantic Monthly Daily Beast National Review Salon
The Black Commentator F.A.I.R. The New Democrat Slate
Brookings Institute F.I.R.E. New Republic Town Hall
Capitol Hill Blue FrontPage.Com Newsweek  U.S. News & World Report
Cato Institute John Birch Society People for the American Way Washington Monthly
Center for Public Integrity Media Research Center Progressive Policy Institute Weekly Standard
The Chronicle     Suggestions?

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Steven Colbert's ""KNOW A DISTRICT"

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Change of Grade Form God Denied Tenure Rhetoric Guide
Chicken Jokes Guide To Grading Exams The Skeleton Closet
Coyote v. ACME Jib Jab. Com The Sokal Parody
Dave Barry - Pundit Next Jenny Jones ! Taliban Clean-Up
Debate 2000 Next Jerry Springer ! Top 10 Graduate Student Lies
Dissertation Defense Madness The Lesson Turbo Encabulator
Disturbing Statistical Terms Philosophy Translator Understanding Politicians
Election Humor Political Cartoons Understanding Professors
Final From Hell The Political Graveyard Wit and Humour of Political Science
1st Day of Class (Profs) Poli Sci Conference Fun You Might Be A Grad Student If ...
1st Day of Class (Students) Rejection-Rejection Your Dissertation Title
Fun Finals (or Prelims) Research Paper Translator Suggestions?


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